Published on December 5, 2022

In a great example of collaboration across our curriculum areas, North Hertfordshire College’s Level 3 Health & Social Care students worked in our industry-standard science labs to study different bacteria and types of mould! Resources were shared between our Science and Health & Social Care departments as our Level 3 Health & Social Care learners took part in practical sessions to reinforce their learning.

The work fits in with the infection prevention and control unit, where our learners have been learning about different types of mould and bacteria. By examining the microorganisms under the microscope, some of which our students had grown themselves on pieces of bread, the students were able to see the different cell structures for themselves. This helped reinforce their learning, giving our students a greater understanding of the components of various bacteria, and helping increase their technical understanding of scientific concepts.

Katarzyna Magiera, one of our Level 3 Health & Social Care students, commented: “It was great fun seeing the structure of the mould up close and learning more about them. I also enjoyed being able to use the microscopes.”

Cheryl Hall, Course Team Leader for Health & Social Care, said: “Using the science equipment enables the learners to see different bacteria for themselves and helps to consolidate their learning through a practical activity.”


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