Published on December 3, 2021

Employer connections are a key part of college life. For our Beauty team, Champneys is one of those employers that provides great opportunities for students (and staff) to develop and expand on their skills and product knowledge.

Work placements are essential for students and help them build up their professional network as well as brushing up on practical skills in a real workplace environment. Erin Crawley, Samantha Wheeler-Kingshott, and Tilly Morroware are currently on placement at Champneys as part of their Level 3 Beauty Therapy courses. We’re proud to say that they are already receiving very good feedback from their clients and managers!

The students are very positive about their work experience journey so far. Erin said: “I’m finding it really enjoyable and rewarding. My confidence is growing, especially in the last few months now I’m able to treat ‘real’ clients again! I’ve taken part in CPD and have also recently learnt how to do Valasso Therapy. I’m really proud of my journey so far!”

Samantha was also full of praise for her experience at Champneys, saying: “I love working here, it feels like we’re just one big family when we come into work!”

This support and development extend to our staff too, who continually update their industry knowledge and CPD. Our Beauty team recently visited Champneys Spa in Henlow for some team training, learning more about how they can help our trainee beauty therapists find work and prepare for employment. As part of their visit, the team also learnt more about the additional training that Champneys complete with newly qualified beauty therapists to ensure they are client-ready. Support such as this means that our trainee beauty therapists will enter their industry as confident and work-ready individuals.

NHC Beauty Therapy students will also be visiting Champneys in a few months to check out the spa environment for themselves and experience what working in a professional spa is like, as well as participating in ‘Finishing Touches’ workshops to round off their skills.

Champneys are providing a great example of how employer partnerships can really benefit students, employers and, ultimately, clients!

If you’re interested in a career in Beauty Therapy, NHC has a range of qualifications that can help you on your journey. Find who you want to be today!