Published on June 1, 2022

We’re proud of how much further training our staff undertake alongside their day-to-day roles in North Hertfordshire College. Take Anna Copper (NHC tutor in Health and Social Care) and Georgie Burns (NHC tutor in Public Services), for instance: Anna and Georgie have both recently completed their Diploma in Education and Training and are also on the way to achieving their QTLS (Qualified Teaching and Learning Skills) status!

Since posting this story, Georgie has been promoted – she’s now the Deputy Head of Curriculum for Sport, Public Services, Business, and Travel!

Find out more about their experiences, in their interview below:

How did the DET fit alongside your day job?

A: “Attending the DET classes was quite a welcome break and change in activity from the standard teaching day, and it was a lovely opportunity to spend time with like-minded people who could empathise with the pressures I was facing. Completing the assignments alongside raising two children at home was the real challenge, but it was worth it.”

What was the best bit about your courses?

A: “Learning the theories behind the everyday practices that I’ve been using for years was my favourite bit. It’s brought more meaning to what I do and has given me the confidence to question and explore practices in relation to my learners’ progression and experiences. In terms of my QTLS, I’m looking forward to having greater recognition within the sector from having a qualified status to my name. This will also boost my confidence in my place at NHC and with any further ventures.”

G: “I agree about the QTLS, and it has also given me the time and opportunity to think differently about the way I deliver my lessons, like introducing more retrieval practice to my sessions. The best part for me about completing the DET at North Hertfordshire College was learning from my peers. It was a brilliant opportunity to share some best practice and allowed me to understand specific theories and relate them to my own practice. I also found the observations useful and supportive by having constructive feedback.”

Have you noticed any changes since finishing your DET?

A: “I now have a better relationship with my learners, and there’s a greater level of mutual respect between us as a result of what I’ve learnt on the course. I’ve also now taken on more responsibility for more units, including with planning, delivering, and assessing.”

G: “This course has had a massive impact by improving my confidence within my teaching. It’s allowed me to focus on trying new methods and activities in my own practice. Since finishing my course, I’ve progressed from being a Success Coach for Sport and Public Services into a tutor role within the same department.”

What would you say to other staff members about this course?

A: “There is so much that you don’t know you don’t know… there’s a new depth to my practice now, having finished my course, and it’s made a huge difference.”

G: “I would definitely recommend this course to other staff members, as it is a brilliant opportunity! It’s a great way to meet new people within the organisation and learn new things from each other.”

Finally, what do you like about working with the Hart Learning Group?

A: “I like the people. I have never worked somewhere before where I can make a difference to people’s lives in the work I do, but also feel part of a big family and simply feel at ‘home’ while I’m there. Nina and the team are my rocks, and no matter how hard the job gets or what gets thrown at us, it doesn’t matter as we will never be dealing with it alone.”

G: “I love working with the Sport and Public Services department as we are a strong team. We support each other during difficult times and are each other’s number one fans. It is a brilliant environment and I always feel part of the team!”


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