Published on June 14, 2022

At North Hertfordshire College, we’re proud to work with our teams of dedicated teaching teams and support staff who work hard to help all our students achieve their goals.

We sat down with Vicky Lang, one of our tutors who teaches across NHC’s Business and Travel & Tourism courses, to find out more about her journey into teaching and why she enjoys working with NHC – check out her interview below!

What did you use to do before joining North Hertfordshire College?

“I was a teacher at a college in Luton for 9 years and I used to teach disengaged and troubled young people. I loved the challenge of that job as it was so fulfilling watching those types of students be able to meet their needs. I saw some real successes in this role; one of the students I taught was homeless at the time and she’s now turned her life around and is a paramedic. It’s the best job satisfaction watching the students flourish and progress into what they want to do.”

What inspired you to become a teacher? what do you enjoy most about working at the college?

“I love seeing people on a personal journey and the success they find along the way. I enjoy watching others develop and succeed, too. I find working with young adults to be really fulfilling because they inspire me and make me consider my values… they help me question the way I think. The dynamics and energy they bring into the College are fantastic, you just can’t beat that buzz! I work with the students to give them structure, which in turn gives them drive and motivation to achieve their outcomes.”

What has been a highlight of your time at NHC?

“I love the events we do at the end of each year. For example, in Travel & Tourism, we go into primary schools with the students and deliver workshops to the pupils, including a dance performance and some learning activities. It’s so rewarding, as we see everything that we have worked on over the year come to a final presentation. It’s great to see students take ownership and lead the workshops they deliver in primary schools.”

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of studying at NHC, what would it be?

“Do your research, speak to the tutors and make sure you pick a course that you really are passionate about. On our programmes, it’s like the first stage of your career. We work with employers and provide advice and guidance to start you on your first steps, so by choosing something you’re passionate about, you are already making those first few moves towards your dream career.”

Why do you think the courses at NHC are a good choice for students?

“It’s a lovely culture at the College, it’s a much more adult environment than school. We have a student-led culture where teachers and students work together to enable independence and achievement, it’s definitely a partnership.”

Any closing thoughts?

“The College has been a fantastic place to work. Whether you’re a student or a member of staff, the energy and environment allow individuals to enjoy their experience here as well as progress and achieve. I’ve had lots of opportunities to enable my professional development and ensure my practice meets the needs of my students. I can’t wait for the next challenge!”

If you feel inspired by what Vicky has said, why not check out NHC’s available courses? We offer a variety of qualifications in Business and Travel & Tourism, to name a few of our curriculum areas. Find who you want to be at NHC!

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