Published on May 12, 2022

It’s always exciting to see what our students go on to achieve when they finish their courses at North Hertfordshire College… it’s extra exciting when they then come back to work with the next generation of students! A great example of this is Katie Wheeler, one of NHC’s Level 1 Carpentry tutors.

Find out more about Katie’s journey in this instalment of our Meet the Team interviews:

What did you do before you started teaching at North Hertfordshire College?

“I’ve worked at North Hertfordshire College for a while now, I’ve been here for around 4 years. I used to be the technician for the construction courses, and actually worked with students pretty regularly in that role. A couple of months ago, I decided to leave my technician role and become a tutor full-time – it felt like the next step in my career journey. I made the jump to become a course tutor, and that’s why I’m here now!

“I wanted to work at NHC because I was actually a student here 12 years ago, when I studied on one of the art courses. I’ve basically come full circle… I started at NHC, and now I’m teaching at NHC.”

What has been one of the things you enjoy about working with NHC?

“One of the best things has to be that feeling of working with a student, and you see them succeed in something they’ve been struggling with. It’s great when they ‘get it’, and everything all comes together.”

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of studying at NHC, what would it be?

“I’d definitely say: ‘Do it!’ If you’re thinking about coming to the College, you should come to an open event and see if you will enjoy it. Have a look around, see what sort of things we can offer, get a feel for the place. And make sure you choose a course that you’re interested in! Don’t choose a course because your friends are all doing it – do something that you want to do.”

Why do you think the construction courses at NHC, and NHC in general, is a good choice for students?

“You get taught so many different things on an NHC course, it’s like a toolbox for the future. Not only will you learn all sorts of practical skills through the different projects that you’ll work on, but you’ll also improve your maths and English skills, which are really important for your future. We help make sure you’re confident and ready for whatever your next step is after your course.

“There are so many active communities here at NHC so that you can find your people, too, and make great friends. It’s important to us that NHC students don’t just feel like a student, but that they also feel like they’re part of a community.”

Any closing thoughts?

“There are so many options for your future and so many different pathways you can go down… I mean, my background is in art, but I’m having a great time teaching carpentry!”

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