Published on October 27, 2022

As well as offering a range of courses for school leavers, North Hertfordshire College is also proud to provide a variety of adult learner leisure and professional programmes. These courses allow adult learners to build their skills and work towards their goals whilst learning in a relaxed environment with like-minded peers. A great example of these programmes is our range of IT courses, which allow you to improve your confidence in using technology and gain core IT skills to help you in your career and personal life.

Enter Jeff, one of NHC’s tutors in our Computing, Networking & Design department! If you’re an adult learner planning to join one of our mature student IT programmes, then the likelihood is that you’re going to meet Jeff along your learning journey. With a strong career background in both coaching and technology, Jeff brings his experience to support others in building their own technology skills.

Find out more about Jeff’s NHC journey in his interview:

What is your job at North Hertfordshire College? 

“I’m a part-time tutor in the Computing, Networking & Design, or IT, department. I teach the Entry level and Level 1 qualifications for our mature student classes, which gives them a stepping stone to move onto further education and learning.”

What did you do before you joined North Hertfordshire College? 

“I used to work as a Training and Development Manager for Stanley Europe. My career includes 23 years of training and coaching salespeople to sell electronic and software products to senior management. After I left that full-time role, I wanted to carry on coaching and trying to make a difference to learners who want to maximise their potential to deal with an ever-increasing computerised society.”

Looking back at your time with NHC so far, what are some of your personal highlights? 

“The thing I enjoy the most is seeing the students with little to no knowledge when they start studying with us go on to complete their courses. It’s great to see how elated they are at their progress and to see their self-esteem improve because of it.

“Another highlight is meeting and getting to know so many great students who come through the experience and go on to achieve far more than they would have expected.”

If you could speak to someone who is thinking of applying for a job with NHC, what would you say to them? 

“I would tell them to enjoy their work and continue to look at the course from the student’s perspective, not just from a teaching point of view. Is the course giving students the skills and confidence they’re looking for? Teaching is not just about what you can teach, but also about what you learn from this experience.”

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