Published on December 1, 2022

If you’re planning on studying a course at North Hertfordshire College, you might have to sit an exam at some point – sorry! Luckily, we’ve got some great teams working in our MI (data processing) and Exams office to keep everything on track and keep the exams process moving, including our teams of administrators, assistants, and exam invigilators.

Meet James, who works with North Hertfordshire College as an MI & Exams Assistant and Exams Invigilator. As well as providing key support to his teams, James also has another impressive accolade under his belt – he’s a Guinness World Record Holder for Sport Stacking and winner of twenty-eight World Championship Medals!

Find out more about James’ experience of working with North Hertfordshire College in his interview:

What inspired you to join North Hertfordshire College and the Exams team?

“I first got hired to do some invigilating at another school and really enjoyed the job role. When Covid-19 happened, the school didn’t need any exam invigilation and I really missed doing it. I joined the Kickstart programme after that and wanted to try a different job, which is how I got taken on to work in the Exams office at North Hertfordshire College and I immediately felt in love with the job role.

“Mental health is taken very seriously at the College, which is one of the key factors I look for in a job. The College treats everyone equally too. The job I have at the College literally blows every other job out of the water – it’s perfection in my view.”

What do you enjoy the most about working at North Hertfordshire College?

“The atmosphere at North Hertfordshire College is hugely different to the other jobs that I’ve worked in previously. The College is also very understanding of my personal limits and mental health. Whenever I go into the College, everybody smiles and makes me feel welcome in the business.

“Life is too short to be unhappy, and my intention when I left my last job was to find a job which understands me and a workplace where I feel accepted and like I have another family outside of my own home. Luckily the College really succeeds in this and does everything I’ve looked for in a job.”

Looking back at your time working here so far, what has been one of your highlights?

“Being recognised by staff and students is one of the greatest things. The other day, I bumped into some NHC students and they said: ‘We know you! You’re our invigilator!’ – that was really nice.

“Also another highlight for me is when other staff members say that I’m a star for getting certain jobs done very quickly, including getting certificates and letters printed and sent off on time, and finding an enrolment form at the speed of light and giving it to the team who sort out the students’ enrolment forms before I scan and file them all away.”

Any closing thoughts?

“Out of all the years I’ve been working, I’ve never come across an enjoyable job than the occupation I now have here at North Hertfordshire College. I cannot thank everyone enough for truly believing in me and for extending my contract longer than was meant to under my initial Kickstart contract, as I have truly felt as if I’m part of a family at the College. I’m truly glad I made the decision to try out working at the College.”

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