Published on March 10, 2022

We’re super proud that when students finish their course at North Hertfordshire College, they’re ready to enter their chosen industry with relevant skills and experiences that help them stand out. It especially helps when our tutors are experienced in their fields and are passionate about teaching – like Hafssa Izma! 

A new addition to the NHC Health and Social Care team, Hafssa teaches Public Health to 2nd year Level 3 Health and Social Care, and Research Methods to 2nd year Level 3 Childcare, following her career change from working in the health and social care sector. Keep reading to find out more about Hafssa’s journey to NHC and her teaching experience so far! 

What was your career journey to North Hertfordshire College like? 

“I am very new to North Hertfordshire College, I only started working here in 2021. I come originally from being a midwife, but I also did my master’s degree in Public Health and have just started my PhD. I’ve always worked in the health and social care field, so it came naturally to me to teach. I’m also passionate about research and want to help teach those skills.” 

What drew you towards NHC? 

“There is a great culture at NHC and the team are wonderfully helpful and supportive. I feel valued here. I also feel like I find myself in the classroom, and that I can pass my knowledge on to my students and know that I can make an impact on their lives. 

“Even though I am quite new to the College, I have seen that we offer so much help and support to our students. Adjustments and elasticity in the class is very important, so we change the way we tutor to suit how our students learn.” 

How do you think NHC supports Health and Social Care students? 

“We are in contact with employers all the time, and they give us constant feedback on what students need to know when they begin their career. That allows us to cater the course to industry needs. Also, students might come here not knowing what they want to do and they can decide themselves where to go in their career after their course through the opportunities they get to experience. They can then follow the direction they feel most comfortable with, and we can support them on their way. 

Out of all the projects you’re currently working on, which one is the most exciting? 

“The most exciting moment for me right now is developing a hybrid learning scheme. We’re working out how we can design a model for students who might be in self-isolation, so they can still be with us (in a way) in the classroom. We wanted to reflect what’s going on with the pandemic and see what goes wrong and where we can respond better. Developing this model is great, it means we’re ready in case we need to use these measures. 

“This has been a big highlight in my short time here, it’s a big project and I hope it works!” 

Any closing thoughts? 

“I am really happy working here at North Hertfordshire College. I always feel included, and I feel very comfortable here.” 

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