Published on March 3, 2023

Say hello to Emma Riegel, who works with North Hertfordshire College as a Corporate Services Administrator!

Don’t be fooled by Emma’s job title, though; they’re not only busy on the corporate side of operations. From information management to exam invigilation, finance administration to the occasional bit of teaching, there’s not much that Emma’s not involved in when it comes to NHC!

Find out more about Emma’s busy work life and NHC journey in their Meet the Team interview:

What are some of the activities and projects that you’re involved in at North Hertfordshire College? 

“My main role as a Corporate Services Administrator is in Human Resources, but I also work with the Marketing department, posting adverts for specific job vacancies on LinkedIn and taking on some finance admin responsibilities. That’s not all, though – I also work with our MIS and Exams department as an Exam Invigilator across our campuses, and I teach the occasional class too. I’m a volunteer tutor for our Access to HE programmes and on our Level 3 Forensic and Criminal Investigations course.

“I’m very busy, but I really enjoy it all.”

Wow, that’s quite a lot of responsibilities! What inspired you to explore so many different roles? 

“I started off working with the College as an Exams Invigilator. When the Corporate Services Administrator role came up, I decided to go for it because of how wide-ranging it was; it seemed like there were lots of opportunities for me to dip my toes in and find what I want to do.

“I enjoy being involved in equality, diversity, and inclusion [EDI], it’s something that I’m really passionate about. Being involved in the recruitment process at the College is particularly interesting because I’m able to see how EDI policies and strategies come into play. That’s why I’ve started to do my Level 3 CIPD training alongside my role so that I can take my HR work further.”

Can you tell us a bit more about your EDI work within the College and the Hart Learning Group? 

“I worked as an EDI Champion for the Group on a temporary basis. It was a role that helped me to facilitate changes within the organisation, looking at statistics of staff and students and comparing it to the make-up of the local area, ultimately working to consider how to be even more inclusive of different backgrounds. It was a case of asking ‘what can we do to champion people from diverse life experiences to welcome them to our community?’.

“Now that I’ve found where EDI fits into college operations, I’m looking to take my career further in that direction. I’d like to try and open up doors for people that wouldn’t have chances to move into the sector otherwise, either as staff or students. I’d like to get rid of as many barriers as possible.”

What do you enjoy the most about working at NHC? 

“The College is a really nice environment, the people here are lovely. It’s a relaxed environment, too. As much as we have our own positions and roles within our team, we’re all a big family who get on with one another. There is an open door policy on all levels – even with Kit.

“I also enjoy the fact that I’m able to seek out what I want to do and pursue the things I enjoy. I’m part-time and there’s some flexibility with that; I can move my hours around occasionally, which I appreciate.”

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of joining NHC, what would it be? 

“Go for it! We’re a lovely bunch. I think the College is a good environment to learn in, even as a member of staff, and there’s the option to dip into other areas if you’re not sure what you want to do. It’s a supportive environment for people to work in.”


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