Published on December 9, 2022

Sustainability is an important value that we encourage all North Hertfordshire College community members to consider in their work, from staff and students through to our local schools and the wider community. We’re proud to work with a range of employer partners who share in our vision, and who can help us provide experiences and opportunities to our community members and inspire them to think about sustainability in different ways.

This is something that has been incorporated across our provision and learning opportunities to enable our learners and staff to have a greater understanding of the importance of sustainability both in their current and future activities.

Employer Collaboration with Bambuubrush 🤝

In our Travel and Tourism department, our students worked alongside the award-winning sustainability company Bambuubrush to design and create a reusable mug and bottle. Bambuubrush shared our students’ passion for change and desire to mitigate the impact of litter on the environment, something they had witnessed first-hand. The students were inspired by Bambuubrush’s insight and began their own recycling campaigns in the College and at home. This work culminated in their final project designs for the reusable bottle and cups.

The products served a dual purpose, having been sold to staff and students to help raise funds for our charity of the year whilst also helping to reduce plastic waste across our campuses.

NHC Community Allotment Project 🌱

In 2019, we created our student allotment at the Stevenage campus. This project, developed in collaboration with several employer partners including Stevenage Community Trust and Wickes (Stevenage branch), provides space for our learners to develop their knowledge of both sustainability and self-sufficiency. Learners across our curriculum areas can develop their knowledge of healthy eating and gardening, as well as having access and time to practice well-being by trying their hand at growing and caring for vegetables.

The NHC Community Allotment Project has since expanded to involve local community groups and organisations, too. Learners on our Child Development Studies and Health & Social Care programmes have been working with Roebuck Academy in Stevenage, with pupils from the school visiting the College campus to learn more about healthy eating. The mutual benefits of the project mean that, as well as providing our own students with valuable work experience opportunities, we are also able to take the message of sustainability further and help inspire young minds.

The skills our students have developed also allows the cycle of knowledge to continue, with NHC students being invited to assist Roebuck in establishing their own allotment project.

Powering the future workforce ⚡

We are extremely proud to have developed our IMI-accredited electric vehicles delivery over at our Engineering and Construction campus (ECC) to reflect the sustainability and environmentally conscious changes in the motor vehicle industry. As well as providing the next generation of employees with the skills and knowledge they need to future-proof their careers, we also cater to employees to already interact with electric vehicles in their roles, thanks to our specialised training for emergency response workers.

Looking to the future, we’re excited to be extending this offer further with an even larger portfolio. Support from our partners Electrassure will see our delivery at the ECC develop further, with opportunities for staff CPD, electric vehicle charging knowledge taught across our Electrical Installation courses, and greater equipment available for students and staff to benefit from. We are already beginning to see the next generation of mechanics learning the skills that will take them forward in their careers as a result of this input.

We are dedicated to enhancing our students’ understanding of sustainability both now and in the future – could your business provide a key opportunity for developing our learners’ skills? If you’re keen to learn more about how we can work together, please get in touch.