Published on February 9, 2022

There’s more to the Health and Social Care sector than nursing and traditional carer roles. For example, did you know that a course in Health and Social Care can also open the door to roles in physical therapy and rehabilitation? 

North Hertfordshire College’s Level 3 Health and Social Care students recently visited the University of Bedfordshire for a taster day, taking part in sessions demonstrating degrees in Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation and Clinical Exercise Therapy. The sessions focussed on soft tissue healing, the stages of rehabilitation, and the factors that affect recovery, helping our students build their knowledge whilst also trying out the university experience. 

Another bonus experience for our learners was getting to try out some of the specialist equipment used in aiding recovery from ankle injuries! Students used balance boards to complete practical tasks, learning how they can support patients to build ankle stability whilst also considering factors like balance, joint position sense, responses to stimuli, and brain feedback. 

These activities helped to reinforce what our students have been learning in class, with Jamie-Lee Daintree (one of our Level 3 Health and Social Care students) saying: “The practical activities really helped us to understand the way rehabilitation works and the sorts of equipment used.”

Anna Copper, one of NHC’s Health and Social Care tutors, said: “the visit was an excellent experience for the learners to discover a wider range of career paths within the sector and the anatomy-based activities were a nice introduction to the physiology the learners will soon be covering within their course.” 

Thank you again to the University of Bedfordshire for inviting our students to try out your facilities and see the career and further study options open to them! 

If you’re interested in taking the next steps towards a career in the Health and Social Care sector, why not take a look at North Hertfordshire College’s available courses?