Published on June 28, 2022

If you’re considering a career in Sport and Exercise Science, then you’ve probably looked at an HND or HNC course… but what are these courses actually like to study on? Enter Sam Bridgman and Lewis Montague, two of NHC’s HND and HNC Sport and Exercise Science students!

Both Sam and Lewis have been at NHC since 2018, when they joined Level 3 Sports and Exercise Science courses. Find out more about their course experience so far, the topics they’ve studied, and their future plans in their interview below!

What sort of things do you learn as part of an HND/C Sport and Exercise Science course? 

S: “The course is basically like biology but linked with sport and exercise… plus a bit of physics and chemistry too. In my Level 3 course in particular, I learnt about physics and how that relates to Sport and Exercise Science, but now the HND is like the next step up. A lot of the course is practical, which is good.”

L: “Yeah, I’d agree that it’s a lot of the science and technical side of sports and exercise. You learn about the biology involved with sports and how you can use technology to monitor this. We’ve also learnt about how to create programmes to help people improve their fitness.”


What has been your favourite topic so far on the course? 

S: “I’ve liked all of the topics pretty much the same, to be honest, they’ve all been really good. You get to learn about so many different topics and there are lots of routes that I’ve gone down when learning new skills.”

L: “Personally, I really like the anatomy side, how the muscles and the bones all work together. It fascinates me. If one thing messes up, it can affect your whole system… I find that really interesting. We also get to do a research project where you research your own subject that you’re interested in, and I’m looking into posture and the spine.”

Out of everything you’ve learnt so far, what skill would you say you’ve improved the most? 

S: “My writing skills have definitely improved the most since starting this course, especially my essay writing. I’ve also gained a lot more confidence since starting the course and have definitely come out of my shell more.”

L: “I think my research skills have improved the most, I’ve really enjoyed being able to learn independently about the areas I’m interested in. The people in my class help too, we really push each other and help each other to succeed.”


What are your next steps after your course? 

S: “I think my next step is to go to university to continue studying sport and exercise science. Because this course covers a lot of topics, I can show that I have already learnt a lot of the base knowledge and that I’m ready to study for a degree.”

L: “We’ve been given so many different pathways to explore through the course, there are lots of different options available. I’ve applied to the University of Hertfordshire to finish the final year of my degree, and then I plan to pursue a career in Sports and Exercise Science after that.”


If you could say anything to someone looking at joining NHC for this course, what would it be? 

S: “I’d say that this course looks good on a CV to employers, because you can explore so many different routes within sport and exercise science. So come and join! It’s as easy as that, really!”

L: “If you’re interested in sports, and you’re really into science and sports in particular, then definitely do this course!”


For more information about HND/C qualifications in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as NHC’s other Higher Education courses, be sure to visit our Higher Education information page!