Stevenage Innovation and Technology Centre (SITEC)

North Hertfordshire College’s new SITEC facilities are now open at our Stevenage campus! Located in the heart of the Innovation Corridor and the Golden Triangle of Research and Development between London, Oxford, and Cambridge, SITEC provides space for local people to build the skills, knowledge, and experience to launch a successful career with the STEM employers on their doorstep.

The facilities are used to enhance learning opportunities across our apprenticeships and study programmes, from post-GCSE Level 3 study through to higher education Level 5.

Throughout everything, we have one key aim: that our students finish their studies with the confidence, knowledge, and ambition to succeed in the STEM sector.

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Facilities and technology at SITEC šŸ§Ŗ

We’ve invested in industry-standard technology and equipment as part of the SITEC project, allowing our students to gain practical experience of the same equipment they’ll be using when they start their career.

Immersive Reality Space

Interactive teaching space which uses projectors to imagine unique experiences and practice real-life scenarios such as emergency situations.

Omni Vista System

Portable sensory projector which provides a motion-activated sensory learning experience for our SEND students.

LIMS Technology

Library Information Management System, provided by Autoscribe, that enables the accurate tracking of samples through several processing techniques to ensure the integrity of results.

HumanTrak Technology

Movement analysis system with live feedback to help students visualise biomechanical principles such as joint movement.

BodySwaps software

An interactive VR experience that provides learners with a private and safe space to practice soft skills and explore customer service scenarios to improve communication skills with AI feedback.

VR Headsets

Enhancing learning opportunities through virtual worlds, providing safe spaces for skills development and visualisation of complex topics, such as cell structure.

Wet Lab and Industry-Standard Technology

Science students can undertake DNA extraction and analysis through access to electrophoresis equipment, thermal cycler, and gel imagers in the wet lab.

Cleanroom facilities

Designed as a realistic environment as used in the Science sector, ensuring students are aware of the protocols to follow when entering, using, and exiting theĀ facilities.

Perform Better Pro

Analyses metabolic rates and physiological changes such as VO2 Max for high-level fitness testing and evaluation.

Our facilities in action

Benefits for NHC students

The new SITEC facilities provide NHC students across a range of our curriculum areas with access to industry-standard technology and opportunities which will help their CVs stand out in the future.

Curriculum areas that use the SITEC facilities include:

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