Stevenage Innovation and Technology Centre (SITEC)

Our new SITEC facilities at our Stevenage campus, in the heart of the Innovation Corridor, provide up-to-date training facilities and equipment that allow us to improve our students’ learning experience. SITEC ensures that our provision continues to meet the needs of the local economy and provides a pipeline for students to progress into university or higher apprenticeships.

The project, which opened its doors in September 2022, is a collaboration with key businesses and industries in Stevenage and addresses the growing demand for skilled technical workers within the engineering, technology, science, and health sectors. Through SITEC, learners will gain future-proofed technical skills that allow them to achieve great success.

SITEC has seen the creation of the following facilities:

  • A life sciences ‘simulation’ laboratory
  • Immersive technologies room
  • Virtual reality training capabilities in a virtual GMP environment, modelled on the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Manufacturing Centre.
  • New digital training suite

Benefits for NHC students

The new SITEC facilities provide NHC students across a range of our curriculum areas with access to industry-standard technology and opportunities which will help their CVs stand out in the future.

Curriculum areas that use the SITEC facilities include:

In partnership with