NHC mission statement

We believe passionately in the power of education to enrich lives, raise aspirations and create prosperity for individuals, businesses and the communities we work in.

By 2023, we want to be known as an exceptional place to study, where we provide students with an inspiring curriculum that develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to be successful in their lives and future careers.

We will help provide a skilled workforce that powers the regional economy and meets the current and future needs of employers.

We will be a valued and visible part of our community, making a positive contribution and working with a diverse range of community organisations to improve the lives of local residents. Our values are;

We value the contribution that each member of our community makes.  We ensure that we are an inclusive, welcoming and open organisation that encourages and values different thinking and perspectives.

We have high expectations about what we, our colleagues and our learners can achieve.  We are a true learning organisation that is eager to continue to improve and develop.

We conduct ourselves in a professional way.  We commit to developing our knowledge, skills and experience to better do our jobs.

We motivate and instil a sense of belief in ourselves, our colleagues and our learners.  We have a strong ‘can do’ ethos and believe that enjoying what we do is important.

We act in an open and honest way. We see trust as central to the way that we work, we do what we say we will do.

We are committed to building a community where everyone has a voice, feels supported and can thrive.  We are committed to being an active and responsible part of our local and wider communities.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.  We encourage and challenge ourselves and each other to do the very best for our learners, colleagues and community.

Five Year Strategy

You can read our strategy for 2019-2024 here.