Finance Committee Chair

Role Description

  • The governing body of North Hertfordshire College Further Education Corporation (the Group Board) has established some committees to help it carry out its functions of providing strategic direction to the business, agreeing policies, monitoring progress and performance and ensuring there is adequate assurance and control.
  • These committees have approved Terms of Reference which define their roles and remits and where appropriate specify delegations of power from the Board.
  • Each committee is made up wholly or mainly by non-executive Board members, although most include one or more executive Board members. All are chaired by non-executive Board members.
  • Committees meet at varying frequencies depending on the nature of their business. Normally, Finance Committee meetings take place by videoconference, but may also meet face to face at one of the Group’s sites should this be necessary.

The Role of the Committee Chair

  • As Committee Chairs are all appointed governors, they have existing duties described in the separate role description for governors which are not repeated here except insofar as this is needed to assist understanding. This Role Description does not constitute a full description of the role of a Committee Chair as a Governor.

Main Duties

  • The Committee Chair’s main role is to chair meetings of the Committee to which he or she is appointed. These may take place virtually by video conference or face-to-face in one of the Group’s premises.
  • The duties of a Chair at meetings are to:
    • Ensure the business is conducted in an efficient, respectful and constructive manner.
    • Ensure that all participating members have a reasonable chance to contribute to debate.
    • Seek advice from the meeting secretary where necessary about the conduct of business, relevant meeting practices or standing orders, the need to adjourn or to address in appropriate behaviour by members.
    • Sum up discussions at the end of each agenda item to confirm the conclusions reached by the meeting.
  • Prior to meetings, the Chair’s role is to liaise with the Clerk and with the relevant Senior Management Team (SMT) member to discuss and agree the meeting agenda and more broadly to consider the agenda plan for the academic year. As well as receiving monthly Management Accounts reports, the Finance Committee also monitors the progress of major capital projects, reviews relevant policies and procedures and advises the Board on all financial issues.
  • The Chair participates in discussions about the appointment of Committee members and the assessment of skills required.

Other Duties

  • The Finance Committee Chair will:
    • Develop and maintain a working relationship with the Board Chair.
    • Support the Board Chair in ensuring the Group Board functions effectively.
    • Champion positive Board behaviours on the Committee.
    • Provide periodic reports to the Board on the activities of the Finance Committee (liaising with the Governance Professional over the preparation of such reports).
    • As far as is reasonably possible, participate in regular Quality monitoring activities, such as learning walks or Governor in College events or Self-assessment Review (SAR) panel meetings.
    • Encourage other non-executive members of the Board to participate in practical activities pertinent to the remit of the committee (such as developing their understanding of funding streams in the Further Education sector or participating in visits from the FE Commissioner).
    • Carry out any other relevant duties which the Board Chair requests and which are reasonably possible for the postholder to undertake.

The Corporation is a statutory corporation and exempt charity which trades as the Hart Learning Group (“the Group”).


Our governors play a vital role in the success of the Hart Learning Group (HLG), proving a wealth of experience from across different social and professional backgrounds to ensure the group is well-run and high-achieving. We’re currently looking to build our Governance team – could you be part of the future of HLG?

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Interested in becoming a governor with HLG?

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We welcome applications from candidates from all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Every new person who joins the Group as a governor brings a new perspective to our work in supporting learners in the community, and we’re committed to building an inclusive and supportive environment for our students and teams.

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